Forgot Facebook Password, How to Reset ?

Nowadays, Social Networking Services is more and more popular in the world.  From all the SNS wensites the most popular one must be Facebook.  According to the newest material, Facebook has reached one billion users until now.  I think everyone has their reasons in using their facebook account, maybe you can find out your old friends, maybe to make new friends, maybe just for fun.

However, to my surprise, not every users remember their facebook account password.  In my opinion, the reason may be they are busy studying or working and do not have time to log in everyday. So waht do such users do after they forgot facebook password?  Do they have to hack facebook password or give up their account or register another account?

There is no need to worry about it because it is so easy to find out their password if they remember the email they have registered.  If you are careful you will find that almost every website has the “forgot password” hyperlink.  Once you click the link and follow the steps you will eventually enter your account successfully.  Now follow me about the procedure:

Step1: Click the “Forgot your password?” link below the “password” textbox.

Step2: Then you come to the page that shows you have to identify your account. Type your information and click “Search” button.

Steps3: Then you may have to enter the security code you see.  If thre is no security code, you may come to the make sure page, if that is your account, click “This Is My Account” button and skip to next page.  If not, I am sorry that you have to try again.

Step4:  If you are sure that that is your account, you can press “Reset Password” to require a Facebook password reset Email. Click the link in your email inbox and it will acquire you to enter a new password and then confirm it. Click “Change Password” button and then you could login with a newly reset Facebook password.

Now you can enter your facebook account and update your status, add photo or video, ask question or write a note and share them with your friends at ease.


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